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Proprietorship Firm

Sole proprietorship is a most popular form of business organisation which is exepted in India. Sole proprietorship is sutiable form for small businesses, especially for stratups and new Businesses in initial years of operation.

Partnership Firm

Partnership firm is the better solution than sole proprietorship. More Managerial skills and more capital help business to grow faster and bigger. The Partnership Firm govern under The “Indian Partnership Act, 1932.”

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

The law was formed with the view to ease of doing business and also help the partners to distinguish their personal asserts from business. One of the most important point is that one partner of the LLP is not liable for the misconduct and negligence of other partner.

One Person Company

One Person company has an advantage over the Sole Proprietorship concern. One Person Company safeguard the personal asserts of the Promoter from the liabilities of business.

Private Limited Company

Private Limited company is an association of persons formed for carrying out business activities and has a legal independent status.

Public Limited Company

In Public Limited Company, the shareholders of the company are the actual owners of the company while the Board of Directors is the chief managing body elected by the shareholders for the options of the company.

For All types of Property Registration
Resale Property Registration

Resale Property Registration includes the registration of leasehold property, freehold property including flats, plots and commercial property. It also includes undervalue registration.

Will Registration

A will or testament is a legal document by which a person, the testator, expresses their wishes as to how their property is to be distributed after his/her death, and names one or more persons, the executor, to manage the estate until its final distribution.

Gift Deed Registration

Gift is Transfer of Certain Movable or Immovable Property. One of the main element of a Gift is that gift should be given voluntarily and free will.

Lease Deed Registration / Rent Agreement Registration

Lease Deed is the registration of rental property having lease/rental agreement for more than 1 year. Rental Deed is the registration is the registration of rental property for less than 11 months of tenure.

Undivided Property Registration

Undivided Property refers to the property where a property have more than one owner but the property is not divided in physically. And only one owner wants to sell his share in undivided property.

Under Construction Property Registration / Collaboration Agreement

Sale and Purchase of under Construction property is also very prevalent in some area. Investors invest in under construction projects and registration of under Construction property is a shield for the investors in such projects.

Relinquishment Deed Registration

Relinquishment Deed is registered after the death of the original owner of the property in question. Relinquishment Deed is signed by the Legal heirs of Deceased person.

I bond Registration

I bond is named as Indemnity Bond. Registration of Indemnity Bond is required with Relinquishment Deed and many other documents.

Settlement Deed Registration

Settlement Deed is registered in case of settlement of disputes and execution of Memorandum of understanding. It is a simple process for amicably settle the dispute between two individuals.

Partition Deed

Partition deed is the registration of agreement for partition of the property floor wise or simple vertical physical partition of the property.

Family Settlement Deed Registration

Family Settlement Deed is an easy way to amicably settle the disputes and distribution of the properties between the legal heirs of the property.

Property Verification Report

People buy Corers of Property but not verify the property from govt departments. A small spending can save you from corers of fraud.

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